The Be(a)st In Me

Completely You

Somewhere on the world wide web I heard some version of this idea: It’s more acceptable to hate yourself than it is to love yourself. That is so sickeningly true, right? It may be something that ignites a passionate response... Continue Reading →


​The thing about setting any type of goal is that, by nature, it requires you to be proactive. In response to writing, I’ve found it really annoying that I’m somehow always surprised when creativity doesn’t find me on a weekly... Continue Reading →

Want And Why

So far, this year's posts have unintentionally been geared towards gaining healthy perspective. A prominent focus for me has been to reintroduce myself to consistent and relevant writing. With that in mind, I asked myself two questions yesterday in hopes... Continue Reading →

The Art Of I Don’t Know

Yay! Time for another life lesson from a 26-year-old who is learning more about what she doesn't know than what she does 🙂 This week I offer up an older revelation that I'm starting to see the benefits of. In... Continue Reading →

Your Resolutions For Me

I don't know if I'm just hyper aware right now or what but I've been making some serious observations of the world around me lately and they've led me to some (once again, I hope) really thought-provoking observations about myself.... Continue Reading →

Young Wisdom

I'm in the process of breaking out of my writing comfort zone so it was only a matter of time before I started trying to stump myself with questions. It seems I've stumbled onto a new favorite to ask. It... Continue Reading →

Too Stressed To Be Blessed

A dialogue worth listening to

We Welcome 2017

Hello friends, Some of you have been more loyal to my blog than I have and I am extraordinarily grateful for you. Though pain and trails are often a hotbed of artistic inspiration, this year has provided plenty of the... Continue Reading →

Handful of Balloons

I've got this handful of balloons and this journey of mine to travel I've been known to keep hold even when the strings start to unravel People would come and admire my stability in the midst of disarray How I held tight to my... Continue Reading →

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