The Be(a)st In Me



‘Nuff said



​The thing about setting any type of goal is that, by nature, it requires you to be proactive. In response to writing, I’ve found it really annoying that I’m somehow always surprised when creativity doesn’t find me on a weekly... Continue Reading →


But I am a rose

You are the flower of the sun, wild and free Reigning over fields as far as the eye can see Stretching toward heaven, you grow as mighty as you do tall And admiring you objectively, it looks like you have it all Fore... Continue Reading →

Love Awoken

As promised, I wanted to share a very straightforward look into what I experienced in my struggle with sexual purity. For me, the fight was mental more than physical. I share this in hopes that someone will be able to... Continue Reading →

Go Big Or Go Home

I am the most excited yet least excited I've ever been about posting in my entire life.  I have something to confess and while it's preferable to do so to one person or even a small group of people, sometimes... Continue Reading →


As much as I love my fellow women, I'll never be one to chant for the power to reign It seems there's this increasing push and pull between genders to win this 'game' I was created to as a single... Continue Reading →

The Real Kind

All the king's horses & all the king's men couldn't figure out if she meant it or if it was just a trend To respect thyself solely and wholly in spite of what any man, woman, boy, girl may say... Continue Reading →


Somehow this ball of nonsense settles nicely into the ideal life She's too consumed by the sun to be cooled by the shadows Effortlessly thrilled by watching the waves her skirt as she sashays Exhilarated by the sound of her heels clicking... Continue Reading →

My Rant, My Body

Sometimes you hear/see things that slap you across the face, and sometimes things just bury themselves in your brain and detonate much later.  This statement was the latter of the two: it’s more socially acceptable to hate your body than... Continue Reading →

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