The Be(a)st In Me



Comfort, But No Cure

So in my unintended (somewhat short) hiatus from blogging I’ve found myself in several situations where I’ve had to remind myself that I can be a comfort, but not a cure. Today, it’s less common to meet a well-adjusted person... Continue Reading →


Exquisitely Grim

We’ve all been here, yes? Knowing it’s wrong and not wanting it any less We know that emotions are forever changing Our priorities forever rearranging But sometimes it’s more difficult than ‘hard’ You’ll feel safe rather than vulnerable letting down... Continue Reading →

Sidekick Syndrome

So, I missed posting last week, but it’s given me time to tune into what I hope will be a fun alternative view on something close to my heart. I’d like to give a shout out to my fellow sidekicks. ... Continue Reading →

Young Wisdom

I'm in the process of breaking out of my writing comfort zone so it was only a matter of time before I started trying to stump myself with questions. It seems I've stumbled onto a new favorite to ask. It... Continue Reading →

Check Point Cleared

It's been awhile, I know. I tend to write when I feel led rather than systematically to stay current. That's not business savvy, again, I know, but it works for me. I may not have something every week (or month)... Continue Reading →

Orlando and Beyond

I have so many drafts of this… I can’t figure out what to say, but I’m confident I need to say something. Since yesterday I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out first, if I should engage, and if so,... Continue Reading →

Little Pink Journal (Part 2)

I've sifted through a lot of my journaled prayers and there were some things I said that make me smile; that make me say "you're on the right track, Simone". There were some things that make me sad and really wish... Continue Reading →

Little Pink Journal (Part 1)

Recently I decided to go thru a 6-year-old journal of mine. I was a newborn Christian, desperately hungry for all things Christ. Little did I know I was sitting on a gold mine of encouragement, wisdom, and faith. Though I've learned so... Continue Reading →

No More Ms. Potato Head

I am a woman. In that I have unshakable confidence, but the "of God" part hasn't come to me as easily. Being a woman today is debatable, being a good woman is subjective, and being a godly woman is obscure. I've... Continue Reading →

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