The Be(a)st In Me



My Legacy Me

In the end, what will they say about me? I try and try to find an original avenue to deliver the cliche That's the wall with a me-shaped dent I get swepted up in the trend of being novel But I must constantly recalibrate... Continue Reading →

Life Lights

I haven’t written a poem in a long time to please be gentle with critiquing… Breath deep and appreciate the lack of necessity for haste Lest the eternal minutes at the traffic light and the chaos in merging be a... Continue Reading →

Handful of Balloons

I've got this handful of balloons and this journey of mine to travel I've been known to keep hold even when the strings start to unravel People would come and admire my stability in the midst of disarray How I held tight to my... Continue Reading →

But I am a rose

You are the flower of the sun, wild and free Reigning over fields as far as the eye can see Stretching toward heaven, you grow as mighty as you do tall And admiring you objectively, it looks like you have it all Fore... Continue Reading →

Times Like These

It's times like these my hands itch to do the work of which I am not equipped When instinct says to ball my fist, square my shoulders, and keep a stiff upper lip But it's times like these that I need to... Continue Reading →

City Stands

Rule of the evil king has come to an end Overthrown in the revolution, defeated in the uprising Too many years spent starving and thirsty Too many promises bearing no possibility So much work multiplied by the hurt The conflict was brutal and... Continue Reading →

The Travelers New Clothes

Of course the clothes on your back are now a size to big But remember, you were swimming in them at the start of this gig No, darling, the walls are not closing in on you Been so busy you must have missed... Continue Reading →


Opening up and tearing down Vulnerability is inevitable Try to protect yourself but your fear is exposed Trying to scare away threats by puffing up But you only make yourself easy to deflate You are as fragile as you are strong As... Continue Reading →

The Island Commute

Just a thought: When you're at a stoplight, do you ever wonder 'Who else here thinks like me?' Look to either side and actually comprehend the other person you see Take a second to wander outside of your bubble to take... Continue Reading →

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