I used to think that when the leaves fell the trees mourned

Ethereal tears being released over and over again

That every year, there was a massive bereavement

So silly of me to think that nature was anything, but resiliently secure

That, like us, it assumed the shedding of old represented an end

But never has a demise come on the tail end of transition

The weather has always changed, yet at the same time, it hasn’t

Nature does not fear the frigid air or the stifling heat

It does not panic at the annual patterns of their lifetime

We have so much to learn from its tranquility

I still find myself alarmed at any variations in my season

Although, I’m completely aware that life is never static

I welcome summer but gripe when I have to go through winter to get there

I am not infinite, yet my actions show that I expect everything else to be

Nature is a patient teacher and I strive to be a better student