I used to be a stellar lover.

Straining toward the stars

Unafraid to fall amongst the dust

Empowered by exposure

Boycotting composure


I let tragedy and disappointment burrow

As I was weak, my soil was laid bare

Seeds of self-preservation settled in deep

Taking root in my character and my will

Paralyzing yet too restless to sit still


I am love.

Created from it

Human and Divine

Tainted and Pure

Raised by the confused and the sure


How can I be myself while suppressing who that is?

How can I be vulnerable yet stand guarded?

How can I be cautious yet bestow generously?

How can I be calculated in restrain yet provide sincerity?

How can I be exclusive yet welcome others to me?

Love is strength and fierce, not docile and rigid

It can burn hot just as it can suffocate an inferno

It’s not full of holes and fractures

Though, I, as its channel seem to be

When dispersed without aim, it drizzles

When aimed at a target, it pierces

Love is not a weakness to be shunned

With how fearfully I run from it, how could it be?

I can’t possibly think it’s dependent me?

That between the two of us, it’s frail and I’m strong

No, love nullifies my insufficiencies and magnifies my fortitude

Love doesn’t need me, but I’m nothing without it