In the end, what will they say about me?

I try and try to find an original avenue to deliver the cliche

That’s the wall with a me-shaped dent

I get swepted up in the trend of being novel

But I must constantly recalibrate my goal

To care less about being innovative

Everyone’s made a play for that club

Instead my repetitive mantra is to be sincere

To be as me as I can possibly become in this lifetime

To get a little closer to hitting the moving target of being exclusively who I am

To unceasingly shed the skin I was not born in

To live the promise I was chosen to keep at my first breath

Unshaken by the absurdity of avoiding inescapable pain

Embracing the inevitability of living life to the fullest with a half empty glass

Less burdened by the need to be ‘the greatest’ or ‘the most’

Honored for the appointed limited time to be ‘the’

The simple, direct task that we so miserably fail to achieve

Easy? No, but elementary? Painfully so

Every moment I must chose to make my legacy me