We’ve all been here, yes?

Knowing it’s wrong and not wanting it any less

We know that emotions are forever changing

Our priorities forever rearranging

But sometimes it’s more difficult than ‘hard’

You’ll feel safe rather than vulnerable letting down your guard

It’s not that I’m ignoring the alarm

It’s that I don’t feel threatened by imminent harm

I know the me of the future is going to reap what I sow

Interest collected on today’s debt was too high days ago

The level of irresponsible pursuit is steadily on the rise

Still, I look at my reflection and try to convince her otherwise

My mind and my emotions are having a hard time balancing the scale

A symphony chanting to proceed and a whimper murmuring “bail”

The tightening in my chest is a second thought to the butterflies in my gut

Oh, this will lead to something big, but I’m not convinced of what