I haven’t written a poem in a long time to please be gentle with critiquing…

Breath deep and appreciate the lack of necessity for haste

Lest the eternal minutes at the traffic light and the chaos in merging be a waste

Everyday a flood of red brakes in front and turn signals behind

The ups and downs of desperation and expectation all in a steady line

Days spent on the commute can be such a burden when it’s about where I’m going 

But it can become a catalyst for meditation when I learn to ride the waves flowing

We curse the current most days, yet we expect to deliver us to our destination

We curse the destination most days, yet we expect it to meet our expectation

Do we show gratitude for the routine that we ultimately choose to follow?

When we’re confronted with our unwarranted disappointment, are our apologies hollow?

Nothing is fun forever, not because of its temporary existence, but because of ours

We dream and seek that which never ends but we’d still only enjoy a few hours

Life cannot ultimately satisfy us because we’re not built to see such an end here 

Once we fully grasp that, the precise lines of all that’s wrong become a little less clear