So, I missed posting last week, but it’s given me time to tune into what I hope will be a fun alternative view on something close to my heart. I’d like to give a shout out to my fellow sidekicks. 

There’s so much emphasis on the leaders, the decision makers, those out in front. So much so that it seems to completely discredit those who don’t want to fit into that category. The backstory that’s unfairly given to those who don’t carry the title of ‘the boss’ is that they couldn’t measure up; that they tried and failed at being the best. I can tell you that while that may be the story of some who strived for leadership, it hardly describes us all. 

I am the person who always seems to find myself in the lead. I’ll be walking along in life with a group and without intention, I eventually find myself ahead. Not because I seek domination, but because… well, I don’t know why, but I have an idea. I’m sure (even when I’m not), I’m outspoken (even when I only talk out of obligation), I’m attentive (even when I’m not picking up on clues), and I’m analytical (even when some things should just be taken at face value). The path I walk in most situations typically leads to leadership. That may sound very egotistical, but that’s only because we have an overrated view on power in authority.

HOWEVER, my heart, my confidence, my passion lies in being second in command. CEO and entrepreneur never ignited anything within me. I was always the person who everyone wanted on their team because I had the most fun, but simultaneously never wanted on their team because I didn’t care if we won. For years, my dream job has been “professional best friend”. I love so many people in the Bible but I identify and cherish Barnabas the most. I root for and connect with the best friend, not the main character. 

Don’t undercut the sidekick. Don’t forget the sidekick is the one who keeps our heroes safe in danger, keeps them grounded in chaos, accompanies them in loneliness, and defends them in war. The sidekick is armor personified. The sidekick is not the one that needs to be saved, but the one who does not become envious of the spotlight or shy away from the weight that comes with it. The sincere sidekick finds fulfillment in seeing others succeed. They don’t feel undervalued in not having their name on the trophy, but a deep since of pride that they contributed to the win.

Every ‘sidekick’ is different, as is with every hero. For me, my certainty provides dependable support. My outspokenness provides confidence that what I’m saying reflects my true feelings. My attentiveness provides assurance that I’m in tune to the needs of those in my care, and my analytical ways provide an intelligent mind that helps wade through the muck.

So, I would like to encourage others who may feel the pressure to seek more, but find meaning, value and passion in so-called second place. The world needs leaders, but all will fall disastrously without support. They may be the roofs that provide cover and shelter, but we are the pillars that keep them from caving in. 

All hail, the pillars that be.