I don’t look like everybody. I don’t know if you knew that, but apparently I really hadn’t. Otherwise I don’t think I’d be in shock like this. To address current events is more of a need now, rather than a desire to speak. This is not addressed to the #BlackLivesMatter family or whatever we’re calling the other side… but to everyone in the middle or those who are “staying out of it”. Here’s what I hope you understand:

  • Please know that “I don’t see color” is not a peaceful stance. I want you to see my color, it’s beautiful. I just don’t want you to be angry or afraid of it. You not seeing my color is basically you ignoring a huge part of who I am and who I will always be. Being proud of it is not bashing yours.
  • It’s absolutely ok to not be able to completely grasp it. I know there are a lot of angry people on both sides, but I hope you’ll seek someone who can tell you the reality of how it affects us. Rather than what you see on the news because I hope we all know that’s not the real ‘real’.
  • I and the people that I stand with are not anti-police. We’re anti being killed because of our race. We’re anti being scared of the people who are supposed to protect us. I do not condone violent, vigilante retaliation.
  • I’m very literally afraid of my dad to getting pulled over for any reason. You can say “well then he shouldn’t speed” but only if you never speed. I’m literally afraid that if I ever have a son (despite his father’s race), he will be born in danger because he looks like his mom. I (ME) am afraid of being pulled over and if I do, I need to make sure I’m recording the whole thing…. not so I’ll survive, but in case I don’t.
  • I’m mad that no matter how ‘good’ of a person I am or how hard I work, I still need to keep my head down and not make any waves to not be seen as a threat. That I’ve been afraid to give myself permission to be angry at this injustice for the sake of keeping my life in tact.
  • Even if this isn’t my blood relative, this DOES directly affect me. Therefore, my emotions and reactions probably won’t look like yours. Similarly, the country I inherited may not look like yours. My days look more like “Do what you gotta do” to keep it together more than a daily routine.
  • Yes, ‘all lives do matter’ is absolutely true. However, that is not the life we live. By me saying that we matter, I’m trying to tell you that we are of equal importance, not superior.
  • I hope the people you talk to about this (assuming you do talk about this) with don’t all have the experiences you have. If so, it’s hard to take your opinion to heart.
  • I, we, are not against you. This is literally survival, not discomfort or hypothetical or even history class. We’re not trying to get ahead, just stay alive.