You are the flower of the sun, wild and free

Reigning over fields as far as the eye can see

Stretching toward heaven, you grow as mighty as you do tall

And admiring you objectively, it looks like you have it all

Fore I live in a world that’s crowded and thorned

Encompassed by twins, all with similar leaves to adorn

Because I am a rose…

Not as energetic, but my elegance still shows

I’m not a giggly gold, but a romantic red

Not ideal for wall art, but for a bouquet instead

I’m strategically pruned and my ‘fields’ are bushes

I lack the adventure of a wildflower but my gardener calls me his

I’m only impeccable when properly maintained and in season

And I can only be so when in my own region

I am a flower just like you; no less, no more

We are both dominant, but only in what we are created for

You, my statuesque friend, shine brighter than any

And I, the ideal symbol of love for many

Though I adore the land where your army grows

I can only bloom here in subdued brilliance, for I am a rose