It’s times like these my hands itch to do the work of which I am not equipped

When instinct says to ball my fist, square my shoulders, and keep a stiff upper lip

But it’s times like these that I need to be still and let what should be become what is

When I let myself off the hook, let Dad be Dad and allow myself to be kid

I have no clue what’s going on, but give me time and I’ll come up with a plan

Or I can exhale in faith that there’s a Creator holding all creation in his hand

Yes, I can be a master manipulator, the most cunning thing you can find

But the truth is, compared to Him I’m always leagues and decades behind

To this day, I still buck like a beast when faced with taking off my runt of a crown

It still takes more than what I have to give to repeatedly lay my life down

Yet, to this day, I’m still given all I need to learn that I can be still

I’m still gently and authoritatively welcomed into the peace of His will

It’s days like these that I’m reminded that I am in desperate need

It’s days like these that I’m reminded that I can’t and don’t have to take the lead

That I don’t have to know where I’m going in order to take a step confidently

That I’ve submitted myself to the only One of complete competency

I’m not condemned or chastised for the struggle I struggle against

To my fragile faith and wavering will He doesn’t take offense

In fact, He’s pleased to see me draw near when my expertise is running far away

It makes Him proud to see me attempt to mimic my Father, even to my dismay

And so, it’s days like these that feel like I’m digressing

When the reality is I’m drenched in his blessing