Rule of the evil king has come to an end

Overthrown in the revolution, defeated in the uprising

Too many years spent starving and thirsty

Too many promises bearing no possibility

So much work multiplied by the hurt

The conflict was brutal and the battles were bloody


But my new King is kind and merciful, powerful and just

Though trust takes time to build, hostility is fading

The city is flourishing and prosperous

The potential is high and the payoff is big

But the laws are new and unconventional

But the patience is endless and the instruction is reliable


All is fresh and rehabilitation is underway

But even in the restoration there are traitors

In the heart of the city, there lies the desperate and ruthless

They who wish to wreck havoc on all that is good for us

They want things the way things were, when we wept and warred

When we were in debt and in turmoil


There is still a struggle in the city

The heart of it still isn’t at peace

But my King has proven mighty

The will still lacks strength

But my King is strong

The spirit is free, but the calling is costly