Of course the clothes on your back are now a size to big

But remember, you were swimming in them at the start of this gig

No, darling, the walls are not closing in on you

Been so busy you must have missed the fact that it’s you who grew

Those dreams you had we’re oh so overwhelming at step one

But once you started walking, they seemed like what you’d always done

Now we’re coming to a transition and it’s time for some upgrades

You have to loosen your grip to get something new in this trade

Nothing wrong with where you are, but it needs to be where you were

Time to grow up instead of being a professional amateur

The season you’ve come from has done you well

But it’s no longer the story you live, but the one you tell

So take off those too tight clothes because now you have new attire

A previous level in the story to pack and a new part to acquire

Yesterday gave you something that I hope you’ve held on to

Because it’s going to be the badge on your new garment you bring with you