Just a thought:

When you’re at a stoplight, do you ever wonder ‘Who else here thinks like me?’

Look to either side and actually comprehend the other person you see

Take a second to wander outside of your bubble to take a peak in theirs

Drink in the fact that there are other lives zooming by; do you keep them in your prayers?

See the truck driver and wonder if he’s got a family at home

Maybe ask what was the last conversation he had on his phone

See the person at the crosswalk and think about what their favorite joke is

And if they think they’ll ever want to have kids

The Honda behind you has a family and you wonder how close they are

Are they loving or are they basically four strangers in a car?

Every vehicle, every body harbors it’s own little universe of the person inside

Almost everyday you literally get a glimpse into each one on your car ride

It’s hard to get outside yourself, but it’ll put you in a much better place

Take a peek at all the other islands you pass by and mull over the things they must face

There’s probably a divorce in the car behind you and a proposal planned tonight in front

A baby growing, unknown to the mother and a single father on a job hunt

Someone’s trying to keep it together and holding back the tears

And another one’s about to take a risk and push aside their fears

A life being changed and one crumbling to dust

But making sure I make this next red light is a must

You get to witness that every single day yet many of us will never engage

Thinking we’re building our own little kingdoms, but really just getting comfortable in a cage