There’s power in unity, in community, but surely there are places you can only get to on your own.

The times that are for you and you alone to step forward, to step up, to step down, to step in.

Where the certainty doesn’t quite match up to the calling, but the determination overpowers the doubt.

When “This isn’t going to work” is the smart answer, but not the right one.

You’ve decided to enter in alone, but you’re not going in blind.

If you’ve never gone anywhere solo, you’ve never been anywhere at all

Sometimes in kneeling, you look around and you only see critics

But the real anxiety kicks when in looking, you see no one at all

Not even a heckler made the trek…

But the awareness that alienation is only a vehicle, not the objective keeps you from bailing

Just beyond your line of vision are others who are being prompted to move when all else is still

You begin to realize it’s just a fog and that there are objects closer than they appear

That in seclusion, there can be solitude just as much as there can be isolation

There are some places you can only get to alone

The best thing that can happen realization and comfort in knowing that you were never really alone at all