Today I just want to let things flow

So much happening in this mind of mine

Minute by minute, I just try to capture my thoughts

To take the time to appreciate them before they move on

Some stick to my skull and make a home

Others barely appear long enough to be considered existent

Just like people, some I beg to stick around but they’ve got to move on

Just like people, some I beg to leave but they’ve got something to give

Today I let some go and I chose which are welcome to stay

There are some that baffle me, all the while, inspiring me

When I’m most unsure I find the push to be more thorough

It’s when I’m most assured I find myself most unwise

So today I let things flow, whether wrong or right

I acknowledge presence before I analyze the validity

Whether wrong or right, they’ve found a way in

Does it belong? I’ll soon figure out enough

More importantly, why is it here?

I challenge the thoughts that challenge me

I challenge the thoughts that comfort me

The person who is completely cozy in their own mind is blind

The person who finds no peace in his own mind is tormented

You’ve got to embrace that there will be a mixture of both

Days when you feel like a stranger to yourself

And days when you love the way you think

Today just let it flow, not let it go, not let it stay

Let them take their course and use the appropriate actions necessary

You don’t rule your mind (sorry, but you don’t), but it doesn’t have to rule you either