I think now is a good time for a little reflection

To really digest the beauty of my path abundant with imperfection

To evaluate the differences between Simone was and Simone is

To remember that this was not my plan, but obviously His

To see all the players that stayed and those that left the game

To look back with gratitude, no matter what, happy that they came

To look at the fruit and remember the seed

To look at the provision and remember the need

To look at the petty prayers that I thought were an emergency

And remember how attentive God was anyway because they were important to me

To remember the blessings that, at the time, seemed to come out of nowhere

To see in hindsight, it’s obvious God was always working there

To remember the times, in desperation, that I prayed crying myself to sleep

Realizing now that God was comforting me with the promises he would keep

Trying my hardest to forget the many mistakes I’ve made

And constantly being reminded that the debt has already been paid

My yesterdays are not something to forget or condemn

Because my todays and tomorrows all branch out from their stem