Take a look around and you’ll see it’s spotless

Everything in its desired place; the epitome of cleanliness

Nothing you see happened by chance and not a speck of dirt in sight

Everything looks perfect because no one lives there

It’s not a home, it’s a house

A structure overflowing with beauty, devoid of life

A place everyone is invited to admire but no one is allowed to inhabit

A beautiful coffin is what we’ll call that

You see him or her and it seems the sun always shines on them

All the pieces of their life fall correctly into place on the first try

Never a tear shed, never a dream crushed, never a promise broken

All their days are perfectly balanced with planning and spontaneity

But that’s not their reality, it’s their facade

An intelligently decorated wall encapsulating a hurting heart

A life everyone is allowed to aspire to but no one is allowed to accomplish

A lonely fortress is what we’ll call that

The bravest warrior and it seems every battle they fight is triumphed magnificently

Every bit of success is preceded by a struggle they knew they could conquer

In no way was surrender ever an option or failure ever a possibility

Every bit of strife they endured is equally met with boldness and assurance

That’s not really a soldier, it’s a martyr

A celebrated hero who is willing to die for their pride

An self-proclaimed god that everyone is allowed to worship but never needs to be rescued

A person so afraid to live in peace, they’d rather die in war is what we’ll call that

Life is messy and to truly live it requires a filter, not a wall, not an open door

It requires letting in people and experiences that will leave a stain

It requires caring more about the guest than the residue

It requires embracing the bad days and not idolizing the good

It requires sacrificing for relationship rather than shielding for reputation

It requires getting knocked down and missing the mark

It requires seeing failure as a chapter in your book rather than its title

Life is messy and it requires a person, not a purist, a role model, or a character

It’s ok to be that person