That first yes seems so difficult, overflowing with expectation and apprehension. But it’s that first yes that started it all.

It’s that first yes that covers and leads the way for all other yeses to follow. That “Yes, Lord” that charges through the army of “I can’t”, “How?”, “But…”, “Do I have to?” and “Later”.

The yes that initially stands alone, but recruits many others as it barrels along. That only absorbs courage and conviction as the army swells into “Whatever you want, God”, “Pick me”, “Where you go, I go”.

The “Yes, Lord” that was once whimpered in weakness and humility now yells at the top of it’s lung a battle cry of agreement. And it’s that yes that will clear a path for every affirmation.

It’s that first yes that not only opens doors, but creates them where there were none. Though the strength of it will be tested, that yes is the key God used when to unlocked his yeses.

So you want to know where to start? Do you really or are you just curious? There’s no reason to be frightened, but every reason to be overwhelmed. With a sincere and willing heart, mind and will, say yes.

There are no prerequisites.  All other questions will be answered when and if necessary.  The yeses will not always be triumphant. Sometimes they will be small, but nonetheless, it’s a yes.

And this is how it starts…