Because of my personality, I’ve always been known as a picture of stability

A blessing in the foundation, but a twist of sin in hesitation

A lifetime of being Barnabas to multiple Pauls, bold in encouragement but faith so small

Rambunctious fan screaming your name, you could count on my support at every game

Now I hear the front line calling my own, to buy in and make His name known

Though, a life like that comes with little guarantee and that’s not really like me

Truthfully that’s probably the objective, that security is rarely effective

Being set apart isn’t just for the Christian elite, a soul on fire finally starting to feel the heat

Such joy seeing people go deeper and higher, not thinking that was something I’d acquire

But today I have no ceiling and no floor, yet I have been given so much more

Ask me where I’m going but I have no clue, this level is so raw and so new

No a plan but all is going exactly as it should; seems the ambiguity is doing me some good

Stability is comfortable but stale; now out of prison since my God posted bail