The love I never lost is relentless

Posted at every corner, guarding every path

Never having asked me for anything

Never ceasing in demanding to be received

But leery I stand anticipating an ambush

Yet never being attacked

Also never being abandoned

Love is not really a shadow or a cloud

It’s not one to hover or stalk

By nature it commands to be embraced

Whether willfully or fearfully, it will envelop you

You will drown in it fighting or float in it blissfully

Accepted or rejected, you are the mission, you are the target

The love I never gave is all that’s been lost

Suffocated by my hesitance to offer it freely

But the love I’ve been met with, been blanketed by, surrounded in, preserved under

That, my dear heartbroken friend, that is the love I never lost

Or rather the love that never lost me