“Speak from the heart”

Ok, well right now my heart is speechless

Or maybe I just understand it less

Either way the feeling is foreign as the words are few

I can’t tell you how I feel because my feelings haven’t yet told me

Listening to your heart can be deafening and too acidic to digest

It’s wild and while it can take you on adventures, sometimes they lead to a cliff

The heart is fickle and always willing to give each emotion its turn to lead

Speak from the heart and you’ll express the most beautiful poem with no meaning

No, the heart is far from my enemy, it’s my child

My impressionable child that needs to be free to learn, but also lead

One that can be taught, but can wreak havoc when given the reigns

One that cannot be tamed, but can be developed and cultivated

I learn something from it everyday

Some days it’s truths that will open up so many doors and break so many chains

Other days, it’s that my heart is just as confused as everything else

But we work together to make it work

So when it’s speaking gibberish, I don’t gag it to shut it up

But I don’t let the chaos it speaks leave it’s wounds

Because my heart, oh my heart, I will protect you

Even when it’s from yourself

When you can’t make sense and you’re left exposed and vulnerable

I will protect you, give you the coverage to heal, to learn, to grow

I speak from my heart when I say, “Thank you”