This is a quick and dirty post.

Today is my 25th birthday and I’m so happy… legitimately if you haven’t gotten the hint by how many times I’ve flaunted it over the last few post.  (Sorry, not sorry)

Anyway, through this whole journey of truly understanding and learning what it is to enjoy life I’ve realized I’ve made HUGE mistake in my declining gratitude to God both privately and publicly.

Before I continue to say anything that will mean anything it’s important that I thank God for myself and for others so I as well as any readers know that any and everything I have been able to create has ONLY been by Him.

He’s given me the mind to think these thoughts,t o formulate these words, to feel these things, to manage these feelings.  Not only that but on top of that He’s given me freedom in how I use it.

I say “God is good” and I mean it but sometimes I have to dig deeper.  God didn’t just create me and sprinkle some talent to write and some will to do it on top.  He took His time and He made sure every experience, every opportunity, every hurt, every joy came my way and then encouraged me to process them.  Then he let me live long enough make those things matter.  To see them as a gift and then give them away again to everyone  who’s willing to receive them.

This whole enlightenment period of my life is so much. More than many people will ever experience it but it’s all in vain and I am so foolish if I don’t attribute it ALL to God.

First I am His, then He’s given me the freedom to be my own.  Only my God let’s me be, wants me to be, tells me to be, created me to be… ME