A great obstacle to happiness is to expect too much happiness. ~Bernard de Fontenelle

Just thoughts today.  The pursuit of happiness and how it looks for people has been on my mind lately.  Everyday recently I’ve found myself genuinely happy and at peace and it’s odd because when I have that realization day by day, I almost always doubt it.  I question the validity behind it because I “shouldn’t” be happy based on what I’m supposed to have and who I’m supposed to be in order to achieve happiness.

I find myself being embarrassed to admit it out of fear that someone will ask me why and that I won’t have an answer that satisfies them. AND THEN I third guess myself (Is that real? Third guessing? whatever) asking, why do I feel the need to prove that it’s acceptable for me to be happy? Why do I feel like I have to jump through more hoops to get something I already have?

My being happy doesn’t mean I’m always smiling. Though that’s a normal outward expression of how I feel, it isn’t a requirement…. EEEEEE this is not intended to turn into a rant.  My main point is that there is no prerequisite for happiness nor is there a burden of proof.  You’re happy because you are or you’re not happy because you aren’t.  There is no other valid reason that fits in either of those categories.