The heat is coming soon

When it feels less like midnight and more like noon

Promoting the helpful illusion of invincibility

When freedom seems like a good probability

Yes, you make it through the winter and you feel competent

But the cold does much to remind us that nature is dominant

But the sun, the warmth, brings forth the bloom

To come out of hiding and give your soul some wiggle room

Our essence that we’ve kept bundled up fights its way out again

Uncertainty becomes a little less foe and a little more friend

Spring, Summer; that’s when you think you’re gonna fall in love

Something about it gives your courage a little shove

That’s when you think you’re going to finally take that chance

And maybe give it permission not to work out it advance

That’s when you decide your plans can wait

And you follow your dreams instead as the bait

The rain, the wind, and the snow locks us up tight

But the rays of the sun invites you to venture out into the light

Seeing each breath as it leaves your mouth reminds you they’re limited

But feeling the sweat leave you reminds you that losing count is permitted

So don’t shed that extra layer just yet

Just remember that summer is coming to collect the debt