I’m gonna write this love song and have someone else sing it to you

I think it’ll be a better presentation of my intention if I do

I’ll make sure her voice reflects the fire behind of your eyes

And thatit’s as strong as you and I

That she’ll hit notes as high as you make me feel

Her talent must somewhat rival your appeal

The melody will have to be just right

To mimic how well we fit together at night

In sync on every single key

Mirroring how you are with me

Her air will have to be flawless too

Because I can’t help but love how yours envelopes you

She’s allowed to embellish a little bit

Add a little accelerant once the flame is lit

Not quite sure how I want her to dress

Pristine is a little too polished when we’re such a mess

A Capella I think, no need to cover up perfection

Just as we can bare it all to one another without fear of rejection

The words come from my mind but leave her lips

The interpretation hers, but she’s reading from my script

Every single syllable I wrote

You being the inspiration behind every note