Something a little less like a heartbeat, a  little more like a ticking clock

The pride that found the wiggle room we left between us

The patience that didn’t quite make it on time and the love that didn’t show up at all

Doesn’t make sense that we’ve let this distance become our meeting place

The victory of spite is a lot colder than I expected it to be

I hope it’s just as frigid for you only because I want you to be warm with me again

Sure I can survive like this, I can wake up and go to sleep; inhale, exhale

But it’s not as satisfying and there’s a dull ache that’s found its way into the rhythm

Every good thing brings happiness, but not without inviting the memory of you

We should be doing this together, not trying to prove we can do it apart

All these plans and daydreams we parented and orphaned so quickly

Even in selfishness thinking this only affected us, like our drops didn’t add to the puddle

The hurt of being treated like the enemy of someone who was once a friend

Then remembering your attempt to make peace; the attempt only made in mind, not in action

So, here we are; or rather, here I am and there you are

No outside forces against us; merely snuggling up to the resentment within us

So silly, so sad… Trying to replace the irreplaceable

Willingly giving full custody of us to the past

Bitterness, self-pity and regret placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in a tight race

My trophies won in a competition I should never have entered

No applause or standing ovation for holding out longest

Winning is overrated and forgiveness is under-appreciated