*I usually don’t post twice in one day, but this… I’m really into this*

I finally reached the mountaintop only to have the wise man tell me the answers are in the valley

It’s nice up here and kinda feel like I got a sneak peek to the grand finale

But the air is so thin it’s hard to focus with my when perspective is skewed

Maybe because I was never meant to stay at this altitude

A place where I can look down on everything and everyone

The place where it feels like I’ve escaped the consequences of everything I’ve done

I thought it’d be a lot more peaceful, but it’s kind of suffocating

And uh, yea, finding it hard to breath is just a tad frustrating

So I turn to the wise man and ask how he’s able to survive up here

He said, “Most people assume it’s through insight, but I know it’s only of fear.

The best wisdom I can give you is that the peace everyone is searching for is not here or there.

There is no secret place that peace has drawn into and made its lair.

I stay here because I’m too weak with cowardice to be anywhere different

And if given the chance to revise my past, I would do so right this instant

So you can stay here and you can claim loneliness and ignorance as your serenity and intuition

Or you can go back and face, rather than fear, the human condition

And so that was pretty much the end of our little pep talk

Maybe I should be more inspired, but it was anxiousness that laced my walk

As he saw my shoulders slumped and my heart a little heavier

He left me with this and it did kind of make things better,

We all know that life has a clever ways of telling us that we are not the boss

But many don’t hear the whisper of, ‘You’re welcome’  that follows and, oh what a loss.

So I’m back here in the valley, not making vociferous breakthroughs

Because there are a lot of levels in life you can’t just break into

But my goal each day, as daunting as it is, is to avoid breakdowns

No matter how battered I am, at the end of every day I tell myself “I can make it another round