I look at you sometimes and I can’t ignore how much things have changed

How many of my expectations had to be forgotten to love you the way I should

How I had to assure myself that I didn’t hold you to promises you never made

That the dream life I had planned out for you was only ever real in my head

To remember that the most important thing you can ever be is mine

The things I do, the things I feel, they all bow to the fact that you’re mine

A choice that’s hard to make when I let my preference for behavior eclipse my desire to understand

But it’s really simple you see: You’re mine, because you’re mine

No, I don’t own you, nor you me, yet there’s somehow a claim, a covenant free of fine print

That’s it; that’s what it is… You’re mine and there’s no fine print

There is no clause that frees me of this relationship if you don’t turn out how I expected

Or that rules it null & void if my feelings don’t complement my commitment

Nouns and adjectives are not what fuels this, it’s the possession

“My ….” you get to fill in the blank in whatever way you see fit and even if it isn’t what I’d choose for you,  I still choose you

Because you’re mine