The rules say I shouldn’t exist, yet here I am

Apparently the only way I’m winning is if I’m running a scam

I can’t look in the mirror and love what I see

No, not unless I’m starving for others to hunger for me

I can’t be a woman who’s in love with her own mind

Not unless I feel my femininity being threatened by every man I find

I can’t love you without thinking you’re my savior

Can’t be generous without expecting the universe to return the favor

I can’t possibly love God without following the protocol

If I haven’t completed my Jesus checklist, then have I really done anything at all?

The rules say I can’t be both, only an expected this or a predictable that

I was supposed to die in battle, not plan a counter attack

The consensus is what I’m supposed to believe

When they say go, I’m supposed to get up and leave

I should feel that not being wanted by all means I’m wanted by none

I must wait for permission, then and only then, can it be done

Honey, the reason the lines are so blurry is because those aren’t lines

If you’ve got to squint and tilt your head to the left, there’s nothing to find

Some fit, so they exist; I kinda bleed through, so I don’t

But lucky me because what they will,  I won’t

Since I can’t possibly be in genuine existence

No one really thought to think up any form of resistance

You can only plan to fight based on what you expect

Without any theory to go off of, they’re completely wrecked

So maybe I’m just a dream because you have such a good imagination

Or maybe I’m just the lucky one who fought her way into creation