To create this I tried to turn off reality

To let what’s real separate itself from me

The facts keep me grounded, but sometimes I just want to float

To let go of stats and probabilities and indulge in hope

To see a shape and give it another name

To recognize something familiar yet not consider it the same

To kickstart a hiatus of trying to make sense of it all

To take a different kind of trip that doesn’t end in a fall

Some breakdown when the dust doesn’t settle as they say it should

But since when has letting dust accumulate done us any good?

I need my ground to shake every once in a while

So that taking a step back propels me forward an impossible mile

Sure, I make plans and work toward them day by day

But sometimes I run off the map and that’s okay

I’ve discovered hidden treasure within myself only in being misplaced

And I’ve only found myself poorer in having expensive taste

It’s not considered progressive unless you start a trend

Others are reluctant to offer support if it doesn’t click on their end

Their actions don’t comply with their saying of “Be yourself”

But luckily you’re a lot more like you than everyone else

Huh, sounds a little insane to want just a smidgen of insanity

But it’s that drop of madness that brings you closer to humanity