*This is either going to come across as completely random or somewhat insightful. I’m okay with either one.*

When I write, I only find myself really embracing it if I’m literally writing, not typing.  Most habitual writers are like that, or so I’m told. I also usually write in a lined journal which pretty normal, too. I’ve always been a very structured person, even if I’m a bit messy.  It’s hard for me to operate without some sort of guideline (lined-paper, instructions, rhyming words, prompt, etc.) There’s always something I’m following.  But in my mind, one of the best things about art, in any capacity, is that there are no set rules, just perceived restrictions.

I say all that because last night I did something small and seemingly insignificant, but it had a big effect on my thinking when I’m writing.  I bought a sketch book to keep as my journal… no lines. No margins, just a blank canvas.  Just that little difference in details just excites me (it’s the littlest things, I swear).

Moral of the story: I’m sure not everyone is as stuck as I am in following the imaginary rules, but I’m sure after creating for so long we get comfortable somewhere and while a comfort zone is good, it never breeds anything new.  And isn’t “new” really the point? Creation, not production, right?

Do something different without requiring yourself to be good at it.  Just do it and give your mind a break from your subconscious mental checklist because, trust me, you have one.  Take it off autopilot and do something that changes its normal path of operation.  Feels good. Really good.