You take the first step of many

Pursued by a deep breath followed by a few more

Not a stranger to dipping a toe or swimming a lap or two

But now, right now calls for immersion; to be engulfed

And as you look out to the skyline, you see no end

As you look within, you only see the beginning

Take it all in and wander a little closer

Because when you’ve reached the point of no return…

The waves will rise, threatening to take you under

But it’s only a disguise to hide their offer to take you further

Their existence will not die, with or without you in tow

And we pray your faith in survival will not either

Sand of the shore is safe but it buries itself in every crevice

But you’d never notice if you didn’t strip down bare

The tide, however, brings movement and animation

Out at sea, there’s a whole world under the surface

That life will go on

Though the hustle and bustle on land may trick you into thinking otherwise

Into believing at all will crumble without you as the glue

But the clock still ticks, the fish still swim, and the waves still roll

Out at sea, where there’s no land to hypnotize you into believing you’re safe

The constant rocking of the ocean, even if it’s steady to the eye, offers no such lie

Perpetual curiousity as to what lies at the bottom but never holding your breath long enough to find out

Tired of civilization but not brave enough to be at home with creation

But out at sea you’re met with the most promising uncertainty