Within the parameters of right and wrong, it seems I’ve drifted

The target before others I hit dead on; but my own goal, it seems I’ve missed it

I had every intention to stay grounded, but it seems I’ve been lifted

The path before me was straight and evident, but it seems the ground has shifted

I was so solid and dependable, but it’s seems I’ve melted to liquid

My brain was so easy and enjoyable to navigate, but it seems I’ve become so twisted

Never a slave to anything, but it seems I’ve become addicted

I crave the excuse that I’m just like everyone else, but it seems I’ve been gifted

We assume gifts bring joy and bliss, but it seems I’m now a misfit

It was supposed to be exhilarating deviating, but it seems it’s lonelier than I predicted

I thought this was volunteer work, but it seems I’ve been enlisted

Terrified by all this uncertainty, but it seems all the irrelevant is just being sifted

Less likely to be a martyr if I blend in, but it seems more than necessary to risk it