When you decide to come home, the door will be locked

But with pride pushed aside I will open if you knock

If you glance at the table, it’ll only be set for one

But if you’ll open up and ask for two, consider it done

If you want company, we could always stay up together

But beg you to want me? Not now, not ever

My bed is for me unless I invite you in

Beyond that, mutual consent is required for what’s next and when

I respect myself and know I got some good stuff over here

And if I let you run a muck, that statement wouldn’t be sincere

Don’t confuse me with Miss Independent because I know I can’t do it alone

But I’m the gatekeeper of my life; that responsibility is my own

I am not a servant, you don’t own me and I don’t belong to you

But I’ll happily serve, not from demands but out of love for what I do