Angst has never quite been my thing, but sometimes a few disgruntled tides hit the shore

Not a place I make myself comfortable, but a visit every now and then is inevitable

Despite how quickly I catch myself, sometimes I still get caught up in the discontent

I try not to start any wars or disturb any harmony during my stay

But sometimes I give in to the most human state I can muster

I cry for entitlement, I hunt for justice, and I drown in self-pity

However, I always find I’ve gained not a thing, but have surrendered so much

The tears and the anxiety are only worth their source

And when they come from my hostility and they produce the same

Oh man, it’s so familiar yet so strange to feel this way

When everything is better than it should be and I still find a way to complain

The worst part is that realization only carries me further along the path

Frustrated with myself for letting it get this far, for growing roots in this place