All the king’s horses & all the king’s men couldn’t figure out if she meant it or if it was just a trend

To respect thyself solely and wholly in spite of what any man, woman, boy, girl may say

To look at and within herself and refuse to let past rejection or future ridicule ruin her day

Not as a feminist or participant in a movement that will soon be followed by another

But as a human being that realized she should be the first and last to cherish and love her

Sometimes her confident and strong-will is mistaken as contempt for others she may face

It’s actually the opposite, by going beyond tolerance for herself she can sincerely love others in their current state

Is she perfect? Far from it and she’s willing to display the cracks and flaws that cannot be erased

She’s certainly not what most would consider sane seeing as a good amount of common sense has been misplaced

Of course she’s sweet, but she there’s no chance of rotting anyone’s teeth

And yes, there’s a beautiful exterior, but it’s only a distraction for those who can’t focus on what’s underneath

All is well, though not perfect, in her world that she’s so carefully tried to nurture

And she’s blessed to have others armed and ready if there’s an intention to hurt her

The love is here and it’s the real kind, but she doesn’t hoard it for herself

If right, and there’s so many ways to figure that, then she’s ready to pour into someone else