There are some decisions you can’t go back on

You go left and you can’t go see what right had to offer

Sure, you can live in the shadow of what was

It’s a little darker with a lot less detail and overtime you become the same

Would you say you’re happier there? Of course not

You’re just numb to the feeling of relevance

Deaf to the call to your heart

And blind to the hand that’s held out for your embrace

But hey, it’s somewhat familiar, right?

The mirror image of what you knew

Looks the same except everything is backwards now

And if you look too hard you notice all the flaws

So instead of going on the path you pledged to pursue

You went back in an attempt to resurrect the ruins of old

Sifting through the rubble and living vicariously through your memories and past feelings

You know they’re not real and if you stay there, you’ll cease to be real as well

There’s nothing left for you here, you have no need to befriend the dead

All the life this place had to offer you, you’ve already lived

My love, leave the wreckage and continue on the path you’ve chosen