It’s been so long since my words have come from the heart

I can easily capture a few beautiful words floating around in my mind

I’m a pro at strategically stringing them together so they carry the imitation of sincerity

But for a while now, my heart and I have been hostile strangers

It’s lead me places I didn’t want to be, but places I needed to go

And ignoring the warning signs of apathy have proven fatal

Now that I’ve opened myself back up to the inconvenience of transparency, I’m unfamiliar with what used to be my best friend

Now retraining myself in letting my heart feel and to let my mind discern

Digging up what I let rot underground and facing the awkward breeze of letting it all air out

But even fear is no match for my spirit that is unwilling to die at the hands of myself or anyone else

A stubborn heart that has a reason to live and will fight even when I’ve long surrendered

This beast is a thing of beauty. One that will not be intimidated by intimacy, but fed by faith

It’s been starved for so long, but before I laid down, somehow it knew to prepare for the drought

I apologize to myself for giving in, but it doesn’t seek apologies

All it wants is the fredom to run a muck on all that needs to be destroyed and spark all that needs to be ignited

A stranger’s heart that is my own has not abandoned the vision even when I forfeited my sight