I seem to have a cloud tethered to my wrist

It never releases a single drop until moisture is missed

It protects me from the burn of a summer day

Watching over me as I give into my youth at play

I used to think it was the enemy, always blocking out my sun

But now I all the good that being free of a shadow has done

I look in my rear view mirror and see the protection of my mighty cloud, always after me

Riding the waves of the sky with more grace and presence than you’d expect to see

Frightening to others who are expecting an impending storm, I’m sure

But when that time comes, all I see falling from the heavens is my cure

Intimidating all that dare to wreak havoc on my soul

Threatening to drown any fool that would be so bold

However, water is the mildest of the arsenal it keeps

Step over the line and a monstrous thunder will invade your sleep

What’s so bad about a little rain and being kept from some rest, you might ask?

Well, save your courage because that’s the nicer face of many on the mask

See everybody’s got a cloud set above with only your best on the docket

I guess we’ll find out how helpful it is while you continue to mock it

Aren’t there things that always seem to find their way to you no matter where you go?

Well honey, there’s a little something you should know…