Though I’ve relocated many times, I’ve always lived on the right side of town

Though my skin tone is not appealing to some, I’ve always been an acceptable shade of brown

Though I wasn’t most popular, I’ve always been someone people wanted to have around


But my good fortune has not kept me a stranger to a heartbreaking frown

And while I’ve always come home, I’ve been places where I couldn’t be found

I’ve still been face-first in the dirt while everyone thought I held a crown

I’ve screamed at the top of my lungs without making a sound

I’ve had seasons of waltzing everywhere I go, but being invisibly bound


Do not kid yourself when you see those who seem to have been given higher ground

Because no matter how free they seem, so many are still weighed down

It’s easy to miss the empty eyes when you’re transfixed on glamour and gowns

But just like everyone else, we tread water trying not to drown