I’ve always been the weird one 983931_10152857908060384_2081679121_n

I have a ton of tricks up my sleeve, but no idea how to perform

I can set the coldest heart on fire, but I don’t know how to keep myself warm

Always first to be invited to the party, but last to be asked to dance

I can tell you to sweetest story, but I have no idea how to romance

Every guy bends over backwards just to know my name

But God forbid I fall in love because he never feels the same

People seem to think it’s how you look that gets you noticed

That’s not true and people who know me, know this

The girl you always want to have around for a good time

I’m everyone else’s friend, but who do I call mine?

The words sound sad, but really, it’s become all I know

Everyone’s speeding and I can’t seem to move faster than slow

This is in no way a cry for help or plea to be saved

Just a recap of how I and others have behaved

Now everyone wants to be awkward in order to fit in

I’m still waiting for my kind of quirky to count as a win

But I probably wouldn’t even know what to do if that happened to be my fate

So I’ve gotten cozy in my own corner of oddity, much too tired to wait