“Is this some kind of test?” she asks as she slams her car door.

“Or do you really not want to see me anymore?

Am I supposed to bend over backwards to satisfy you?” 

She sits in silence hoping you’ll say that it’s not true

But you made it clear from the very beginning.

She knew very well it wasn’t all of you she was getting.

“I was honest from the start and yet you’re still surprised?” you confessed.

“You thought a few months of you was going to put many years of me to rest?

You played me like a game, taking a gamble but thinking I was a sure bet.

And now you’re angry because what I offer is the only thing you get.”

“So I’m the bad guy for wanting to get you to open up a little and love more?

I was the one to stayed with you even when loving you became a chore.” 

“I never had any intention of you wasting your time and I hate that you feel you did.

But I can’t feel guilty that you found the real me even though I never hid.”

Her eyes started to water and I knew this was not going to end peacefully.

But I didn’t hurt her; she’s hurt that she didn’t get what she wanted from me.

“So is this it then? We just leave it all broken like this between us?”

“Either that or we try to resurrect a dead thing that’s long been collecting dust.”

And with that I felt the room go up in flames and smoke the space.

Kind of like when the enemy ambushes your home base.

There was nothing left so it was useless to run to for cover.

There was no place for me here even though I truly love her.

The fire was inevitable and a foreboding feeling engulfed every word exchanged.

A spark not of love, but of destruction was lit in every date we arranged.

And every tear was an accelerant lining our path to separation.

But I’ll survive this chaos because I’m ready and it’s all about preparation.