Somehow this ball of nonsense settles nicely into the ideal life

She’s too consumed by the sun to be cooled by the shadows

Effortlessly thrilled by watching the waves her skirt as she sashays

Exhilarated by the sound of her heels clicking against hardwood floors

Some call her simple but she’s simply blessed, weightless in such a heavy world

It’s easier to convince yourself that she needs to be mocked rather than admired

And even easier to see that she doesn’t feed on the breadcrumbs of criticism

No, rather she feast on the satisfaction of taking pride in who and what she is, herself

She doesn’t need a symphony to hear the music nor a partner to dance

She won’t hesitate to invite you in and won’t be crushed if you choose to hold your ground

She’s made her atmosphere one that all would like to call home, but many are afraid to occupy

Annais… she knows and whenever you’re ready, so will you