Pretending to pay attention to this movie, but I can’t help but steal a few glances

We’ve been down this path before, but I’m all about second chances

Maybe I should pay attention because I know you’re going to ask me about it after

Trying to push the brakes on this runaway but only making the free fall faster

If I can be honest with you I’d say that I don’t know what I’m supposed to do next

If I was frank I’d confess that I want to travel the path that connects to yours best

I’m a grown woman with a vibrant mind and an old soul yet I feel so juvenile

And you’re sitting here laughing at a punchline unaware my mind is going wild

Calling this love seems risky and adds a lot of pressure so let’s just say this feels good

There’s a good chance that this won’t be eternal, but thrilled that it could

Either way, right now I get so much joy soaking in all that’s radiating through me

Such a rare gift I get to enjoy just from me watching you watch a movie