Sometimes I find that I feel guilty for being me; that I’m in the wrong for liking who I am.

In a world that is so backwards, our mind says that makes no sense, but we live contradictory.

Those who’ve found comfort in their reality are praised or ridiculed.

Either way, they’re treated differently than the masses… because that confidence is unfamiliar to us.

If most people not only tolerated, but enjoyed what is and what isn’t about themselves then these ‘rebels’ wouldn’t be so revolutionary.

I don’t really think they’re trying to be different, to break the mold. They’re simply being who they already are.

It’s those who dislike themselves that are straying. You were who you were long before someone told you that whoever you are is wrong.

You weren’t born hating you.  What infant wallows in self-loathing?

Everyone thinks they have to find some secret path to self-acceptance and because of it they stay lost in the jungle of “who am I?”

Nope, the ‘trick’ is to backtrack. To face all those hard and painful thoughts you’re trying to avoid.

Those are the doors you must walk thru to get home.  One way in, one way out.

You don’t have to find it because you didn’t lose it.  It’s didn’t leave, you left it.

Retrace your steps and let yourself back in because, in this case, Point A never required you to venture out to Point B.