Why, hello there stranger, I’ve been away for too long

Trying to do right by balancing out all your wrong

While you’re sinking, I find myself floating away

But we both end up on solid ground at the end of the day

While I’m building a fortress, you let everyone through the backdoor

I’m trying to become a minimalist and you keep begging for more

I try to savor the past while you’re offloading for the future

I have absolutely no clue, yet you seem so sure

I’d rather stay nameless, but you want everyone to know your face

I want to lay in the shade, but you’re so determined to run this race

You empty yourself out and I just fill you back up

Pouring it all into something else, while I overfill the cup

Oh, balance of both sides makes the picture much clearer

What would I be without my stability that lives in the mirror?