We have created to the Percent Age.  When we prefer our information in bits and don’t know how to digest the whole meal.

The number of college graduates is inspiring, but the story behind those numbers is sobering.  I can hear the question of “Was it worth it?” sounding in Matt’s head.

Some worry about the higher average age of newlyweds, but the story behind Mike and Jessica’s “That’s when I knew” is beautiful.

The rising rate of divorce is frightening, but did we include the fact that John and Candace gave it all they had before the last resort became the ultimate decision?

What about the millions of poverty-stricken who fall below our standards of wealth, but Amanda, Cameron, and Jack still surpass us in quality of life?

Or Lisa and Brittany’s smile that shine brightest because they’ve been through the darkest.

How about single mom #547902579732434, Sharon, who does everything she can with what she doesn’t have

It’s not so much that the statistics are bad or worthless, it’s that when they merely become charts, facts, and bullet points, they’re worth less